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Thank you for taking the time to open this ad. 

I am prayerfully putting together a couple of ensembles. At the moment I'm especially focusing on getting a band of sincere worshipers together for a special event on February 2nd in Glendale CA. I am a singer/songwriter/keyboardist/saxophonist. The event on the 8th is appropriate for congregational style worship, diverse in style, but I am looking to work with the right God-ordained people for other various ongoing ministry opportunities, including working with original music, and another group which may be just part of the larger worship team, a group more towards primarily instrumental worshipful smooth jazz / r&b / pop / funk. Sound samples at 

The event will be led by a well-respected evangelistic minister, known for ministering in the prophetic and miracles, with a focus on the beauty of Jesus Christ. 

I have many details on another website, but want to provide imperative information right away to help you know if this the right connection for you. 
- First off, God's heart is to truly save. I'd be glad to help you connect with someone to help you grow in knowing the true God. Jesus made the way, not for man to establish religion that He's not the author of, but rather for mankind to come into a literal relationship with Him. Much of what is called "Christianity" is not of the Christ, Jesus.
- We want to work with those God has called to this. Though you may exceedingly meet the qualifications listed below and at the website link, we just want God's will and will be prayerfully considering how to work with anyone who reaches out. Perhaps it would even be unto something else in the future? If you know you are not called to either project, but are interested in connecting, please feel welcome to contact me. I am open to working with well-known of musicians as well as with those new to a public platform outside of a church ministry. This is appropriate for those who feel called to such service as it may often be volunteer-based.
- I am working with a powerful prophetic minister to facilitate times of teaching to help music ministers and worship teams grow in truly living a lifestyle of worship and ministering by the power and leading of the Spirit of God. Please feel welcome to message me if you'd like to stay in touch concerning that. Whether you are a musician new to the reality of Jesus or someone who has already been serving in ministry, this will be a great resource of growth. This minister to the nations has continually seen signs and wonders confirming the truth of God's Word, and has always experienced the presence of God during music ministry in his gatherings. If you are new to sincere music ministry, God may still be calling you to serve with us. This would be a great resource to help you prepare, along with interpersonal discipleship. I am also available to teach music theory which may be included in some of these gatherings.
- We want to minister by the leading of the Holy Spirit, where it is His presence revealed, His Name glorified in truth, and Him confirming the truth of His Word in might and power, including the gifts listed in 1 Cor 12 such as miracles, healing and prophecy. Those who are ready to minister with us will be very open to that, and likewise believe: We are worshiping the true God, Who is revealed in the Christian Bible. The Jesus we read about in the Bible is not a reincarnation of previous false teachers, but rather the express image of God, come in the flesh to rescue mankind. Jesus died on the cross in the flesh, rose again in the flesh, and ascended to the right hand of the Father in the flesh. Those who receive His salvation become a new creation and have access to be mightily enabled to literally walk as children of God as they are renewed, being hearers and doers of His Word. Those who have received His salvation are those who turn away from the ways of darkness to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, meaning they follow Him as their master/lord, and thereby have received Him as their Savior, being forgiven of all sin. Those who have truly received Him are those who continue in Him.
- Those ready Now to minister with us will: already be using music to worship God (not necessarily through a ministry, but especially in their own private lives). Please note again, we as the body of Christ are here to help. This is speaking regarding those spiritually built-up and ready for operating in the unity of the Spirit with us, already having let God strengthen them, including for battle. There is a stage all followers of Christ go through, where we need the genuine milk of sound truth to grow by. When someone who sincerely has purposed to follow Jesus has trouble discerning right from wrong, it's called being a babe in Christ. Even when someone acts as carnal, it's evidence of needing to be renewed in foundational truths. If you are wrestling against a sin/temptation/spirit, it doesn't disqualify you from serving with us now, but if you are publicly in a lifestyle of sin, then you are not yet at the place to Lead true worship. Being public with it shows a significant lack of understanding loving God in truth. You are absolutely loved! Again, this platform of ministry is for leading others in worship. Worship is not performing a song, but a lifestyle of presenting your entire being holy unto God. Regarding public sin, examples may be such as if you are comfortable using profane language, making lustful social media posts/comments/adds, practicing other "spiritual" practices such as yoga, going out drinking, smoking, slanderous gossip, etc... Those who are ready already have a lifestyle of prayer, worship, and reading the Word. 

The most important thing is the heart unto God. Those who get involved with these specific worship ministry projects will need a high level of musical excellence. They will have developed their musical talent to a professional level. They will also need to be anointed for not only music ministry, but this ministry! Talent without a heart devoted to God will not exemplify worship. What will be unique about this group is the purity of a pure sacrifice of worship, a lifestyle of being devoted to God. It's possible for someone to be anointed or operate in the "supernatural", and not have their affections set on God, or be in sound doctrine (consider king Saul, or the high priest when Jesus was on earth). There is such a beautiful powerful presence of God experienced when it's not just talent or even anointing, but sincere worship. He consumes a sacrifice of worship in Spirit and in truth.

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