Thank you for taking the time to check further into possibly serving together.


Please click this link:

That website is being built as a resource for promoting media and talent. Please click the link at the bottom of that page and ensure you are in agreement with the requirements for talent (including singers and musicians) before contacting with interest in serving in music ministry together.

If you haven't already read the craigslist post, please read it --> here <-- before proceeding.


NOTE: Much on this page is as for a worship team that I am putting together as the steward of for evangelistic opportunities. This event however is an ongoing event that Dany is looking for build a specific team for. As with a church and the oversight of the pastor as the leader, the worship team with this event is similar in that it is not specifically it's own band, but rather those who feel led to serve and who are invited or approved by Dany. If you have been requested to serve by Dany, please still read the requirements for the sake of understanding my heart as the director of the team and let me know if there is anything you are not in agreement with so we can move forward well. The majority of people involved in the Beautiful Jesus Music Ministry got involved after being agreement with what is listed on this page and with prayerful consideration.

Real ministry faces real resistance. The enemy resists those who do not compromise in truth, as the truth sets people free. When you connect with sincere ministers, there is great blessing, but you are also in the same battle ground. It’s important to let God be the one to open doors. Please take all of the requirements seriously before affirming interest to immediately join. We will be working with sincere ministers. We are happy to hear from you even if not unto immediately joining.  As mentioned on the craigslist post, we have opportunity to help people grow who may not yet be ready for this project, and you are encouraged to contact me for details. Our goal is to Lead true worship of the true God.


Some things that may be new to you, but are very important:

  • A pure life results in a pure sound. We want a pure holy sound and pure holy presence. Those called to this team aren't using their gifts for music and venues that are contrary to Christ.

  • We sing and play through God and as unto God. This is not a show or competition. It is a holy abandonment of adoration with music as a resource. 

  • Ministering by the Spirit includes intentionally letting Him lead. The worship leader carries a great responsibility in facilitating this, but every member must cooperate. Often people strive by tradition, pattern, or even by emotional understanding to try to make something great happen in music ministry. We don’t want hype or man-planned production, we want Him to have His way in true worship from His Spirit to yours. We don’t want to bulldoze through a song, or emotionally strain to make something happen. We want to be intentionally sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. If someone has a lifestyle of following the Holy Spirit, this will overflow into ministry. The fear of the Lord yields true discernment. Someone who already seeks God’s will in all things is well positioned to grow in being led by His Spirit. That's part of carrying our cross, "Thy will be done". He wants to lead, but we have to want to follow if we want it to be more vivid.

  • Not only must those involved respectfully follow the leading of God, and the leaders in ministry, but also must be very kind to others inside and outside of the team. 

  • This is a commitment. For those who serve on a worship team but don't stay faithful to come to services, or prepare for practice and worship services as the leaders asks of you, this will be too much for you to carry.

  • As mentioned on the link at the bottom of the other link you were just directed to, we are for unity in the body of Christ. We also celebrate that God receives all who come to Him, and makes us all one in Him. We are a racially diverse worship team. We are not trying to market a certain image. We want His presence. All ages are welcome.

  • We welcome a great variety of instrumentation to be considered.



  • They already sing for God (even if not publicly). Their voices are dedicated for God's glory.

  • Able to listen well to others. This includes hearing and matching intricacies of melody, becoming as one voice when needed, and exhibiting your own voice when needed.

  • Able to harmonize without being so loud the lead line is not heard, and loud enough that your part is heard.

  • Willing to worship without the mic when it is not appropriate to amplify you at that moment in the system.

  • Able to sing on pitch consistently. 



  • The use of their gifts is dedicated for God's glory. 

  • If a chordal player, the ability to read chord changes, or at least a willingness to really invest time to learn intricate details and voicing in the chords is required. For example, if two people play a Dmaj9 chord (D F# A C# E), the “C#”s and “D”s in that chord would have to be voiced well to not clash against another’s voicing. We have a large repertoire of music, so the ability to play chords on the spot is great for when we haven’t practiced a song much together.

  • Ability to play by ear at least to some extent. We are working with a skill level of people that include improvisation in their playing, so the person would need to have a good idea of where their fingers could go that would sound good. We don’t want to tell you exactly what to play all the time. Everyone has a unique sense of melody, and that can make great musical chemistry.

  • Ability to play diverse styles (pop, r&b, latin, etc)

  • Have own equipment. 

Songs used on 2/2/19 for "Beautiful Jesus"

Welcome (into this place)

When I Think About the Lord

Come in the House (John P Kee)

Reveal Your Glory Lord (original)

Freedom Reigns (Upton)

Holy Spirit (You Are Welcome Here)//

I Sing Praises

You Deserve the Glory


Oh the Glory of His Presence//

You Are Good (Houghton)

Jesus is Alive (Kenoly)

Next Event: March 30th - Beautiful Jesus

VERY Tentative Song List (Order Up for Revision):

Last Time, we opened with worship through song, later ministered in song during prayer, then ended with praise songs. This list below is especially for the sake of us knowing what we have prepared, and what keys we know people are comfortable in so we can be ready to be spontaneous led.

Potentially Pre-Service:

Yes, Jesus Loves Me (Eb - Lauren)

Opening Service: 7pm

How Great Thou Art (Ab - Lorinda V1, Lauren V2)

When I Think About The Lord (Lauren can do Bb to Eb)

Probably Bb

Thank You Lord/He Made A Way (Maybe Bb to C or D)

(We practiced in Eb but I'm guessing we can do whatever we leave the previous song with)

Freedom Reigns (Probably start C or D - Lauren)

Lauren can do all keys. Figure A is low, D starts cutting, G is high.

Holy Spirit (You Are Welcome Here)

Lorinda Eb, Lauren likely C, D

Draw Me Close to You - Eb

(I think Lorinda did it?)

You Deserve the Glory (Both can do Eb, F, G) - good song during prayer

(Possibly Oh the Glory in Eb here) - good song during prayer

I Give You My Heart

Lorinda D, Eb, E

Lauren C (probably higher too)

Wrap Me In Your Arms

Lauren can do Eb (low), E

Holy (Both can probably do C#m)

Lorinda did Bm and Cm at practice

"There Is No One Like You"

The More I Seek You

Lauren can do C to  E

Lorinda D to E

Alpha and Omega

Bb - Lauren

C# - Lorinda

Reckless Love - Lauren Bb

I Sing Praises - good song during prayer

Lorinda B, C

Healer - good song during prayer

Lauren - C

Ending Praise Songs:

You Are Good (Both can do in D)

Freedom (Lauren Eb, E, F)

Pre-Event: We need to start by finding keys for the singers. We need to make sure everyone is on the same page with style and chords. We need at least a couple of FULL practices flowing together. Wednesday nights in Rancho Cucamonga may be a great opportunity to minister together, but we would need everyone. At one of our group practices (not in Rancho), we will work on getting a good mix for the video. This will probably need to be done at Danny’s house in Covina. 


Set Up: We need to leave safe space for ministry to happen on the platform, but also need to set up in a good way for communicating during worship. Pianos, guitars and bass must be by each other. Drums and violin can be on the other end, but must be able to see the worship leader clearly. When Dany is not praying for people who are brought on to the platform, singers should stand in a way to see the worship leader.


Vocals: For the recording going into the video, we must sing as such: No singing in unison. One person leads, others harmonize or don’t sing near a mic. For other events, if there is a full choir we could work on the tone of a choir, but with a few singers, the pitch clashes. The way it sounds in the monitors is similar to how it’ll sound on the recording, so harmonies should pull away from the mic to such a volume that it appropriately supports the lead. 


Musicians: At the event, we must be consistent to play chords as we practice. If you are the only minstrel, then Spirit-led liberties on chords are great. 


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