Just Love is a collaborative evangelistic music ministry 

led by Tim and Kelry Kirschenmann of Service of Song.

We are a team of God's children whom seek to worship and minister in Spirit and in truth. We love to see the Lord continuously reveal His Kingdom in power and love. 

"Just Love" is a very encompassing phrase, meant to exemplify our identity, character, and purpose as believers as well as His. God is love, and has demonstrated His love for us in sending His Son, Jesus, to die for us while we were yet sinners. Through Biblical faith in His death and resurrection, with a life that proclaims Jesus as Lord, He has made a way for us to experience intimacy with Him now and forever as His beloved Bride. We seek to love Him as such, being shaped as vessels for His love and justice, living out the truth of being born of God, of LOVE.

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