Timothy Lee Kirschenmann Jr - Resume

This resume page is presented for those interested in me serving in ministry with them, whether for a special event, short-term, or long-term.
Having a zeal to live out the fulness of redemption to the glory of God, my goal in ministry is to serve as the LORD leads, through music, teaching, pastoral ministry, media, administration, etc. My wife and I moved to Monrovia CA in the summer of 2017 with a strong conviction that the Lord had called us to the Greater Los Angeles Area, initially motivated to consider the move from WI when asked to help at a Christian tv network. Upon a visit to do a Christian tv broadcast, I visited the Griffith Observatory. While overlooking LA and praying that God would bring revival, I heard my needed confirmation that it was time to move. Though we currently live in Monrovia, we are open to relocating in the greater LA area. God’s grace is especially upon me to love the literal leading of His Holy Spirit, which is a blessing in not only my personal life, but integral in my sincerity of service in every aspect of ministry. As it relates to ministry, my hope is to serve the Lord amongst leaders who desire to genuinely love Him, follow His leading, and move forward into the fulness of what Jesus intended for the Church through His salvation. 
As it relates to leading worship, I have a large and diverse repertoire of music. I have a page on my website where I have this list along with sheet music, audio samples, and links gradually being added. If interested in seeing it, please click hereMy goal is to have this handy as a resource for worship teams I lead. I am building a worship team of people strong in the Lord and in musical gifting from around the LA area to be prepared for ministry outside of their weekly ministry commitments. Please click here to see what was presented to them. I have a large section explaining vision in music ministry as a worship leader here. For upcoming events that I am involved in, please click here.
I have this presented this with links below (underlined in blue) to take you to various topics. 
414-378-2900       serviceofsong@yahoo.com       1225 S Alta Vista Ave (Unit B), Monrovia CA 91016
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