SPECIAL EVENT MUSIC is available for many occasions. Click here for details.

LESSONS - Please click here for details. Rates are generally $12.50/15 minutes.

RECORDING - Available for family-friendly and Christ-honoring music. Click here for details.

For Event Music and Recording, the rates may depend on the event (ministry rates are different than business, with intent to serve the Lord as He leads, and receive a financial blessing as appropriate, with intent to receive what is fair on both ends, and not cost a certain amount to serve the Lord!). 

Every service (or partner providing service) through the platform of "Service of Song" is as ministry through their faith in Jesus Christ, indivisibly intentionally including:

- Prayer for God's will over the event and those involved, including His power to save now and forever, to heal, to  edify, and deliver people from slavery to darkness.

- Being open about the gospel of Jesus Christ, verbally and with resources to those who come to them, as well as with liberty agreed upon prior to agreement to serve.

For more on what their faith in Christ includes, please click here to see what they all agree upon.