Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee

Kirschenmann Family
Kirschenmann Family

Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee

Timothy Lee and Kelry Kirschenmann


Timothy and Kelry reside in the greater LA area to serve the Lord, but are available to minister in the Word and music outside of LA.

Tim and/or Kelry teach via Facebook live through the River's Edge church on Tuesday nights at about 6:15pm. 
Tim occasionally substitutes as the worship leader for the prayer and worship session for "revival" at Pasadena's IHOP, 7-9pm, in cooperation with the format established. Currently on hold due to Covid-19. 
River's Edge, Rancho Cucamonga CA
Tim and Kelry lead worship most Wednesdays at 7pm at The River's Edge. This is a great ministry passionate for sincere revival. New Location at 9774 Hawthorne Dr. 
Tim is teaching on "Limitless" to the Young Adults (ages 18-39). The first Wednesday of each month is a worship night. Please see TRE Facebook for updates. Wednesdays are currently on-hold.
Skid Row
Kelry and a team of friends often help Joelle Jean  (Hope on Skid Row) on Saturday mornings through music ministry and prayer. Please contact if interested in serving in the love of God in any way and we'll be glad to help you connect. If you have donations, please contact us or contact Joelle Jean on Facebook. 
River's Edge, Rancho Cucamonga CA
Sunday mornings at 9:30am, Tim and Kelry lead worship most Sundays at The River's Edge. This is a great ministry passionate for sincere revival. New Location at 9774 Hawthorne Dr.
GGCC, Rancho Cucamonga CA
Tim joins on sax Sunday evenings. Services are primarily in Romani (Romanes). 
7pm, 9592 7th St. Currently not meeting at this location due to Covid-19 related restrictions.
Christmas Time Events
Tuesday, Dec 22 - Monrovia Public Library Park 
Tim will be playing the saxophone from 3:30 to sunset by the fountain, hosted by Rose Mary (Grow Monrovia) in support of local businesses.
Wednesday, Dec 23 - The River's Edge Church
Eve of Christmas Eve Service at 7pm
Tentative: Thursday, Dec 24 - Mt Baldy Village Church
6pm and 11pm services 

Dan Sherstad Ministries

DSM Hollywood - Thursday Nights
DSM Hollywood is a branch of Dan Sherstad Ministries, uniting with God's heart for the entertainment industry. Due to Public Venue restraints in Los Angeles County, we are currently focusing on virtual Bible studies on Thursday Nights at 7:30pm via Google Meet, then redirecting that broadcast to Facebook live. For more details visit DSM Hollywood on Facebook or at the website
January 2nd, 6:30pm
Please contact at Dan Sherstad Ministries if interested in joining in-person.